• Amp

    Envy Amplifier: What are you really seeing, and why are you seeing it?

    Envy Amplifier has to be the best term I’ve ever heard to describe face book, but outside of that, it illustrates the fact that keeping up with everyone else has now gone from local to global. What’s worse is that if you don’t participate, you …

  • Bad Idea

    Smart Person; Bad Idea

    Ever know someone who is really smart, but defends some really strange, often bad ideas? We all have a friend or colleague in your life that we look up to. I have a few people like this that I always learn from. Each one of …

  • Procras

    What I learned by not blogging for 3 months.

    It’s been months since I wrote a blog. When I started this blog I was committed to writing at least one a week. Much to my surprise within a week or so of not writing the blog I began to receive questions about why I …

  • Connecting

    Connecting it all

    Being productive…and I mean REALLY being productive takes some serious dedication. The act of being truly productive takes a tremendous amount of discipline, guts, and awareness of course, but what really takes guts is to look at what you are really getting out of your …

  • More

    More where that came from?

    “I just couldn’t see it coming”.. is what someone recently wrote in an email sent to my site. “One day the calls just stopped, and I really haven’t known what to do since”.  Without going into detail about what else was in this email, I …

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