Unconscious Musical Concept

What is a musical concept? Many of us don’t think about this question very often, and even if we do, it can be difficult to put into words. People often have different ideas of what makes up a concept. Often they will use musical terms such as, tempo, dynamics, etc. but this is not what I mean when I ask …

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Permission to think

One of my favorite things about teaching online is being able to communicate with students from all over the world on a weekly basis.Through this process,it occurs to me that despite differences in background, education, location, or life experience,there really aren’t that many problems we all face.Most of us suffer from different versions of the same issues that just happen …

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How to Become Unemployable

Im not an expert in much of anything, but I learned the hard way how NOT to get called back. I’ve learned a few things about what gets you hired, and what keeps you getting hired. These are things that are blatantly obvious to some, yet others seem to have not picked up on them. Below is a brief list …

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Myths of Productivity

A few years ago I posted a video that examined many of the lies that we are all taught to believe about time management, work ethic, etc.  Recently I reviewed this video and have decided to post it again here. It has some VERY valuable information in it for those of us who are constantly feeling overwhelmed with what we …

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Its Not Supposed to Feel Good

People often forget the perils of learning something new. Over the years, I have received many emails on my teaching site that are related to the endless frustration of working on new things, which of course is the essence of improving on a musical instrument. The questions I receive vary in relation to the elements that should be practiced, what …

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